Mogli SMS Starter - Two-way text messaging, surveys and chatbot in Salesforce - REQUIRES SALESFORCE LICENCE

Save 10%

Send and receive text messages locally, and around the world. Schedule and send 2-way, bulk text messages with SMS Templates and Campaigns. All text messaging history is neatly stored on your contact and lead records.

Create intelligent text message (SMS) surveys. By “intelligent” we mean that Mogli will guide the conversation based on the response of the participant. All SMS responses are then intuitively linked to Contacts, Leads and Campaigns.

Mogli SMS is the most elegant text messaging app on Salesforce. Set up dashboards to monitor responses for a 360 degree view of your customers, and gain actionable insights with the magic of Salesforce.

Mogli Starter includes

  • 30,000 Annual Messages
  • Free Inbound Messages
  • Full Functionality
  • Rollover Messages

Min. 1 year agreement