Conga - ActionGrid Edition- Easy data management: efficiency, productivity & insights.

Save 10%
Easy data management: efficiency, productivity & insights - 10 user minimum. Packaged option for up to 10 users - REQUIRES SALESFORCE.COM LICENSE



With Conga ActionGrid, get superior data management to revolutionize how you see Salesforce data. Save time, improve data integrity & insights, & give your Salesforce users the power to act fast.

- Save time--no more tedious clicks through individual records

- Improve your data quality for actionable insights & analytics

- Create a more productive workforce & drive growth across your organization

- See everything you need to know in one place with customizable views

- Drive the behaviors you want & improve Salesforce adoption

- Advance your pipeline management & forecasting 


Create the view you want with ActionGrid:

- filter, group and subtotal

- drag and drop columns

- batch add tasks & batch email

- mass update records

- see multiple grids on one screen with the reading pane

- copy & paste data from Excel

- conditional formatting