Jive-n PREMIER - Business Chat, Intranet & Collaboration

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Jive’s collaboration software is incredibly quick and easy for all business sizes 

£5.94 per user per month



PREMIER - Premier plan include all SELECT Plan features, plus the ability to create and participate in ideas and events and upload videos hosted in Jive cloud. 


All plans include user profiles, organizational charts, peer endorsements, personal analytics, recognition badges and missions. 

Content Types 

Blogs, discussions, questions, documents, uploaded files, polls, tasks, status updates, private messages, embedded third-party videos. 

Advanced Places

Create hierarchical places designed for corporate and advanced departmental portals, including more granular, inheritable permissions.

Advanced Search

Promoted keyword and synonym search.



Select and Premier plans include personal analytics and community manager reports. 

Engagement & Rewards 

Points, levels, badges, leaderboards and more. 

Premier Integrations 




Access to platform APIs, SDKs and basic Jive iPaaS. 

Security, Performance & Compliance 

Granular permissions; CDN; ISO and SOC2 certifications. 

Customization & Internationalization 

Point-and-click theming. Custom domain name and internationalization support. 

Professional Services 

SSO configuration, enablement and core capability training. 

Quick Setup 

SSO and/or Active Directory configuration, key configuration and core capability enablement.