Salespulse - Increase your hit rate with real-time customer feedback - REQUIRES SALESFORCE LICENCE

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Salespulse makes it easier than ever for sales reps to close more deals by leveraging real-time feedback and insights given directly by prospects. Increase sales performance, improve sales coaching and boost your NPS with Salespulse

Salespulse automatically notifies sales reps and managers when new feedback from pulse surveys is received. Use this real-time information to quickly reengage with customers and prospects while coaching sales reps more effectively.

Salespulse contains unique feedback reporting cards that provide real-time data on opportunities, leads, accounts and contacts—critical information your sales team craves. Fuel Einstein with prospect feedback to further optimize your CRM

Salespulse includes proven feedback templates from the five most commonly used sales methodologies (SPIN, Challenger Sale, Customer Centric, MEDDIC and Solution Selling—which helps you get started instantly!

Included features

  • 6 Best practice templates for the most popular sales methodologies
  • Manual and automatic sending of feedback requests
  • Adjust and change questions on the fly
  • Trigger email – Send email at triggered events or times
  • Leaderboards – show the top performance reps based on customer feedback
  • Trend analysis – show reps performance change over time when you focus on the most important areas for improvement
  • Sales impact analysis – Which cases needs my top priority based on customer feedback and deal size
  • Reporting and dashboards – analyze your sales peoples feedback together with your opportunity data
  • Feedback cards on opportunity, leads and accounts – make sure you have the “pulse” of the customer to drive the opportunity forward

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