DayBack Calendar - The Salesforce Calendar You’ve Been Waiting For- REQUIRES SALESFORCE LICENCE

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The leading calendar for Apple's FileMaker database, DayBack is now available for Salesforce: a multi user calendar that's Lightning Ready!

We named the calendar “DayBack”, as in “Take Your Day Back”, because you need a calendar that puts your events in context so you make better decisions. You'll see all your Salesforce dates in one place and look at those activities over longer time scales on the horizon view (gantt chart) in DayBack.

DayBack is easy for admins to link to their campaigns or custom Salesforce objects and configure to match their workflow. And it has the hooks developers need to customize it for their orgs.

Share your schedule or publish project timelines with users outside of Salesforce: shared views sync with DayBack as you adjust your schedule.

  • Balance Your Workload -- Multi user: view each user's calendar side by side & drag items to reassign resources. Resources can be users, departments, rooms, pieces of equipment--or all of these at once: anything that competes for space in your schedule.
  • Google Calendars -- Make appointments in the gaps between all your calendars: always making decisions in context. Rather than synchronize Google Calendar with Salesforce Calendars, DayBack lets you edit them in the same view inside Salesforce.
  • Add Your Own Buttons -- Custom actions let you jump right to your own Salesforce pages, connect to 3rd party apps, and take action from within the calendar. You can even create recurring events in Lightning.

Price per user. Discounted price when purchased annually.

Contact us for pricing tiers greater than 20 users. Unlimited user licenses available.