Mix - Document Generation & Form Population simplified - REQUIRES SALESFORCE.COM LICENSE - 10 user minimum pricing

by MIX
Save 10%
Document Generation and Forms From The Makers of ProcessComposer

Generate up to 2,000 custom Word, PDF, Powerpoint or Excel documents in one go. Route generated documents for e-signature dynamically. Use with ProcessComposer to generate documents as a process step. 


  • CUSTOM DOCUMENTS. Generate custom Word, PDF, Powerpoint and Excel documents filled with data from your Salesforce records. Up to 2,000 records in a single transaction. Submit for e-signature. Output to PDF. Log as an activity.
  • E-SIGN. Generate documents, route for e-signature and store completed documents with audit trail in Salesforce. Template-specific electronic signature configuration and routing uses Docusign and Signix.
  • FORMS. We've mixed the Quik! forms library into ther optional Forms Package. Map your Salesforce-to-Quik! fields from Accounts, Contacts, Cases and any other objects in Salesforce.
  • ProcessComposer user? Generate documents as a Step in your processes.
  • Optional Forms Package adds 30,000+ managed forms.